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DLR – Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics

Contact Person: Tobias Naegler

Work focus:

  • Coupling of the optimisation model REMix and the scenario development tool Mesap/PlaNet to Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data bases respectively Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools
  • Valuation of the ecological effects of the transformation paths which are described in current energy scenarios
  • Extension optimisation in the power system under consideration of sustainability issues

GWS – Institute of Economic Structures Research

Contact Person: Ulrike Lehr

Work focus:

  • Model based comparison of the macroeconomic effects of current target scenarios
  • Development of model couplings for the economical modelling of sustainability issues
  • Regionalisation of the economic effects of optimised sustainability scenarios

INATECH – Department of Sustainable Systems Engineering

Contact Person: Claudia Sutardhio

Work focus:

  • Multi Criteria Decision Analysis
  • Electricity Market Model-Ökoflex
  • Energy System Analysis

INEC – Institute for Industrial Ecology

Contact Person: Heidi Hottenroth

Work focus:

  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Multi Criteria Decision Analysis
  • Sustainable Energy Management

ITAS – Department for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis

Contact Person: Jens Buchgeister

Work focus:

  • Selection of ecological, economical and social sustainability indicators
  • Sustainability analysis of model based energy system and energy scenarios
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Impact Assessment of energy technology

ZIRIUS – Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Research

Contact Person: Ricarda Scheele

Work focus:

  • Social Sustainability
  • Acceptance Research
  • Methodology Development